Ping Pong / Table Tennis

Product Description

Ping Pong / Table Tennis

Item #: T1086045

Size: Regulation size table: 108” x 60” x 30” High Table top thickness 4”

Weight: 3075 lbs.

Heavy Duty Reinforced Concrete

Polished Playing Surface
Top secured to base with stainless steel bolts
Table top sealed with two coats of concrete sealer
Anti-Graffti sealer top coat applied to the table top
Outside corners are 1/4” chamfered for child safety
Heavy Duty 4” High Steel I-Beam Construction
Steel I -Beam powder coated in a two part process:
1. Zinc rich base coat
2. Top coated with selected color
Standard color is black
Anchor inserts, four per table.
Optional Anchors kits available.


Stainless steel net
Regulation height net extends 4” below table surface for added strength
Net Secured to concrete at nine locations
Net 1/4” thick
Gusseted stainless steel end supports for added strength
Tamper resistant stainless steel assembly screws



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Concrete top weight: 1032 lbs.each, 2064 lbs. total Leg weight: 427 lbs. each, 854 lbs total
Support frame: 77 lbs each 154 lbs. total
Total weight: 3075 lbs.