Product Description


Item #: DC5442

Size: 42"H x 54"W

Weight: 455 lb total weight

Concrete Supports: 140 lbs each. (280 pounds total)
Concrete Disc Collector: 105 lbs
Playing Grid: 70 lbs

Disc-Connect (Connect 4 Colors Game)

Concrete supports thickness 4” with base width 24″
Two coats of concrete sealer applied to each support
Stainless steel playing grid with bead blast finish
Playing grid is preassembled for easy installation
All components are secured with tamper-resistant security screws
Includes 4″ diameter red and blue plastic discs
Optional disc decaling available
Concrete disc collector included with each set
Size: 43″ x 8″ x 4 ¾”

Optional Support Base

Size: 60” x 30” x 3”
Weight: 445 lbs.
Reinforced concrete