Foosball Table Parts for Outdoor Use

We are proud to announce Foosball Table Parts for Outdoor Use. Specifically designed for increased longevity, and to weather the elements, these Foosball men and handles ensure a much longer table lifespan. Powder coated and made from cast aluminum, these pieces will hold up much better than standard plastic parts.

Designing and Partnering

Creating the ultimate Outdoor Foosball table had it’s challenges. Original challenges included an extremely precise form to account for a realistic playing surface and precise slide with our stainless steel rods. After creating a master form for this product we created the ultimate playing surface and designed a perfect outdoor playing experience.

The only thing that was lacking were parts specifically designed for outdoor use. We attempted to source men and handles from online vendors, but they only offered plastic models designed for indoor use.

Selling more and more of these tables, we began to get a lot of feedback. Customers were looking for a permanent solution for the table parts that would not break, fade or crack.

Foosball Table Parts for Outdoor Use – Features

Designing the foosball table men was a process that took time and precision. Ensuring that the men looked stylish while also meeting the functionality of the table was the goal. Our men are modeled after the robotic style player and come standard in blue and red. Cast from aluminum and then powder coated, they have a beautiful gloss shine to them.

This design will be a much heavier duty player designed for long term use. Customers will no longer be concerned about replacement parts and do not have to sacrifice style or playability.

Designing a heavy duty and durable handle was also a priority. Customers had voiced concerns over the longevity of the both the players and the handles. A main concern was the wear of the handle and also the security as certain customers were having them ripped off, or stolen.

We designed the new handle out of cast aluminum and added an additional security screw to secure this to the playing rod. The handle is powder coated matte black allowing for a stylish finish without sacrificing functionality.

Close up view of the aluminum handle. The handle is painted matte black for a stylish look