Concrete Dining Table

Convert our ping pong table into a dining table is as simple as removing the net. Remove the net, pull up a chair and you are ready to eat. Available in standard and high performance concrete, this new offering is sure to be a hit.


Our concrete dining table features many of the same features as our standard ping pong table with some modifications to accommodate a dining style table.

The table features additional leg room for dining. The beams are modified and “kicked in” for additional room for chairs to be situated around the table. Structural integrity is not compromised.

The brackets for the retractable nets are made in house and are powder coated locally. This feature allows for the table to be left outside without the risk of rusting.

A heavy duty welded bracket that is double powder coated provides durability and style.

Both table ends meet flush in the middle with no crown, gap or height discrepancy. This is testament to the precise form work we perform when engineering our products.

Two tops sandwich a stainless steel plate. The gap is virtually seamless.

Concrete Dining Table Top Styles

Now available with standard and GFRC concrete tops, this ping pong table is a fit for every application.

Our standard table features two tops that are just over 1,000 lbs. Lifting and setting into place using our convenient lifting plates, this option is a great solution for public settings where weight acts as your friend. The shear weight of the table deters unwanted disassembly of the table.

We also offer our Concrete Dining Table in a lightweight option. Featuring Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), these table tops weigh in at around 350 lbs. per top. Reducing the weight allows for the tables to be manually lifted and eliminates the need for equipment. Manually lifting allows the table to be place in limited access locations, such as backyards, underneath enclosures or near pools.

Concrete Dining Table – Model Options


T1086045LW – Not Currently Listed on our Website. Call for more details are pricing.


T1086050LW – Not Currently Listed on our Website. Call for more details are pricing.

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