Wright State University

Three custom concrete ping pong tables with integral green concrete and white logos make a great addition for Wright State University’s campus. Our tables are customizable and making them unique and fun is easy.

Products Used

Our T1086045 ping pong table has many customization options. Standard finishes include a high end quartz aggregate to ensure a high end finish. Customers can also customize their finishes for either the top, legs or both. We have a wide array of finishes to select from but also extend the option to mix custom finishes for customers.

In Wright State University’s case, they wanted a Kelly Green Top. This finish tends to mimic more of a traditional indoor table color.

The University also wanted to brand the tops with a customized logo. The logo is an ode to the Wright Brother’s and is contrasted in all white.

Wright State University Concrete Ping Pong Table close up of logo.

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