Outdoor Concrete ping pong tables with stainless steel nets

Not all outdoor concrete table tennis/ping pong tables are made the same.  Quality varies in the materials used and the overall construction of the table.

Many outdoor concrete tables manufactured by others are powder coated steel nets with tabs attached to the table in two or three locations.

Outdoor concrete ping pong tables by Doty & Sons are designed differently.

First, the net is made of stainless steel with a bead blast finish. Stainless steel is durable and requires minimal maintenance.

Closeup view of stainless steel net
Closeup view of Net Style 2 shows the quality of the net.

Second the net is 1/4″ Thick x 60”L x 10”H.  Four inches of the net is bolted to the side of one tabletop and “sandwiched” between the tabletops.  The visible portion of the net is regulation height 6″. The result is the strongest and most secure net on the market.  Additionally, the net is secured on both ends with stainless steel gussets.  

Photograph show the full view of the net during installation. The net bolts to the side of tabletop with five stainless steel bolts before installing the second table top.

To prove how strong the net is we drove a Jeep Cherokee over the table.  This photograph shows the Jeep’s tire on top of the net.  You can also see a Youtube video at the link below.

Jeep Cherokee driven on top of ping pong table
This net is strong! Tire of a Jeep Cherokee on top of net.

Doty & Sons currently offers two attractive net styles.  Custom nets designs are available by special order. 

Net Style 1 has a repeating paddle and bouncing ball pattern lasered into the net.

Net Style 1 shown. This photograph show both the quality of net but
also the tabletop finish luster.
Stainless steel net style 1
Stainless steel Net Style 1
Stainless steel net Style 1
Side view of Net Style 1 with end gusset.

Net Style 2 has a repeating square pattern lasered into the net.

Stainless steel Net Style 2 with gusset installed.
Closeup view of stainless steel net
Closeup view of Net Style 2 shows that this is a quality product.
Stainless Steel Net Style 2
Closeup view of the end gusset and Net Style 2

Custom nets are blank and allows for custom lasered wording on the net.  We do not recommend this style because the wording is only legible from one side.   On the opposite side the wording is backwards or mirrored.  

This option would be nice for patterns or designs.  

This is the video link to Youtube, we drove a Jeep Cherokee over two ping pong tables to demonstrate the strength our the stainless steel net.

Link: https://youtu.be/ARSRSlU89ck